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An Introduction from Consul Andrzej III Jagiello

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There shall be peace in our time!

>Nation name
The Republic of Spokój

>Nation's leader's name
Consul Andrzej III Jagiello

>Nation's government type
Its government varies depending on solutions to issues. Currently, its government is a Civil Rights Lovefest.

>Other regions you've been in
Global Right Alliance (for a matter of 3 days)

>What do you want out of Hinburg?
A tight-knit community

>Positions you may try to run for

>Anything else you want to mention?
I'm not actually Polish, I just think Poland has an interesting history and I wanted my nation to reflect that. Spokój is the Polish word for serenity, it's a tad cliché but I liked the sound of it.

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2 Welcome!! on Thu May 03, 2012 10:54 am

Welcome Consul!
I and my fellow members are delighted to welcome you to Hinburg!
-PM Joe Hooper
P.S: Hope you dont mind me replying first St Lavusier
P.P.S: Dont forget to vote for me in the WA Delegate election Wink

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Welcome Jagiello!

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